Word List 36

  1. Philatelist
    stamp collector
  2. philistine
    a narrow-minded person
  3. philology
    study of language
  4. physiognomy
  5. piebald
    spotted; mottled
  6. piecemeal
    one part at a time; gradually
  7. pied
  8. pillory
    to punish by placing in a wooden frame; to expose to derision or ridicule
  9. pine
    to become weak or languish; to long for or yearn
  10. pinion
    to restrain
  11. piquant
    pleasantly sharp in taste or tart; stimulating
  12. pique
  13. piscatorial
    pertaining to fishing
  14. pith
    core; marrow; essence
  15. pivotal
    vital or critical
  16. placid
  17. plaintive
    sad or mournful; melancholy
  18. plait
    to braid; intertwine
  19. truism
    platitude or cliche
  20. platonic
    purely spiritual; free from sensual desire
  21. plaudit
    enthusiatic approval; round of applause
  22. plebeian
  23. plenary
  24. pliable
    supple; flexible; adaptable
  25. pliant
  26. plight
    a unfavorable condition
  27. pluck
  28. plumage
    feathers of a bird
  29. plumb
    to examine closely in order to understand
  30. plutocracy
    society ruled by the wealthy
  31. podiatrist
    doctor who treats ailments of the feet
  32. poignancy
    quality of being deeply moving
  33. polarize
    to split into opposite extremes
  34. polemic
    a controversial argument
  35. polemical
    argumentative; disputatious
  36. politic
    expedient or advantageous; prudent
  37. polity
    form of government
  38. ponderous
    weighty; awkward
  39. pontifical
    pertaining to a bishop or pope; pompous
  40. pore
    to study industriously; ponder
  41. portend
    to foretell; presage
  42. portent
    sign; omen; forewarning
  43. portly
    stout; corpulent
  44. poseur
    a person who strikes an attitude or assumes a pose in order to impress others
  45. posterity
    future generations
  46. posthumous
    after death
  47. postulate
    self-evident truth
  48. potable
    suitable for drinking
  49. potentate
    ruler; monarch; sovereign
  50. potpourri
    heterogeneous mixture; medley
  51. poultice
    a medical dressing to treat inflamed portions of the body
  52. pragmatist
    practical person
  53. prate
    to talk idly or pointlessly; babble; prattle
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