Almost Maine This Hurts Steve Pt 6.txt

  1. MARVALYN. No.
    STEVE. Then I'm all right.
  2. MARVALYN. Yeah. You are. I'm so sorry I did that. It's just -- ... You're just very sweet.
    STEVE. But ... you have a boyfriend and you love him very much.
  3. MARVALYN. Yes I do. And yes I do.
    STEVE. And you just kissed me.
  4. MARVALYN. Yes I did.
    STEVE. And it's Friday night and you're doing your laundry.
  5. MARVALYN. Yes I am.
    STEVE. And people who are in love with each other, they don't kiss other people and do their laundry on Friday nights, I've learned that. People who are in love with each other, they go to The Moose Paddy on Friday nights, or they go dancing togeth, or they go skating. And they kiss each other. They don't kiss other people -- you know what? I don't think that's love, // what you and your boyfriend have --
  6. MARVALYN. I've been down here longer than I said I would be and he doesn't like that.
    STEVE. Who?
  7. MARVALYN. My boyfriend.
    STEVE. Who you love very much.
  8. MARVALYN. Yes.
    STEVE. Even though you kissed me?
  9. MARVALYN. Yes.
    STEVE. Wow, I'm going to have to talk to my brother Paul about this --
  10. MARVALYN. No! Don't talk to your brother Paul about this! Tell him to stop teaching you.
    STEVE. What?
  11. MARVALYN. Whatever he's teaching you. Tell him to stop. What he's teaching you ... isn't something you wanna know.
    STEVE. But I have to learn from him --
  12. MARVALYN. Look: I was gonna ge a nurse, so I know: you need to to a doctor, and not have your brother read whatever it is he reads.
    STEVE. But --
  13. MARVALYN. You know what, I gotta go.
    STEVE. Right. You gotta go You're leaving. I knew you would. That's what people do.
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Almost Maine This Hurts Steve Pt 6.txt
Lines for Steve in the scene This Hurts from Almost, Maine. Part 6