Bio 3

  1. what is evolution?
    the development of new types of organisms from pre existing types by the accumulation of genetic differences over long periods of time
  2. what book did charles darwin write, and in what year?
    Origin of Species, 1859
  3. Charles darwin refered to evolution as " ____"
    "descent with modification"
  4. who said that organismal adaptations are evidence that the creator had designed each species for a specific purpose?
  5. who said that species evolve through disuse of body parts?
    Jean Baptiste de Lamarck
  6. what is Jean Baptiste de Lamark say
    that species evolve through disuse of body parts
  7. natural selection
    the process by which some individuals live longer and produce more offspring than others because their particular inherired characteristics make them better suited for their environment
  8. artificial selection
    humans modifying other species by selective breeding
  9. darwinian fitness
    producing max number of offspring
  10. adaptation
    the transformation of the population toward better fitness
  11. evolution is supported by what scientific evidence
    drug resistnace, transition fossils, biogeography, homologies
  12. Biogeography
    the study of the geographic distributions of organisms
  13. homologous structures
    structures that are similar and arose through a common ancestor
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