1. anatomy
    writing implement, nonprogrammable, non graphing cal, 8.5"x11" notes
  2. awesome aquifers
    any materials needed to contruct aquifer on site. aquifer housed in container not exceeding 3 liters
  3. bottle rocket
    2 rockets, eye protection 5 (ANSI Z87+)
  4. cant judge a powder
    pHydrion paper, hand lens, battery conductivity tester, beral pipettes or eye droppers, containers appropriate for testing conductivity and solubility, test tube holder and test tube rack, spatula, stirring rod
  5. compute this
    blank tablet paper and writing utensils may be used
  6. crime busters
    test tubes and racks, spot plates, well plates, reaction plates, or similar small containers for mixing, something for scooping, pH paper, magnets, hand lens, microscope slides and cover slips, forceps/tweezers, writing instruments, paper towel, one 8.5"x11" info sheet, eye protection 4 indirect vent chemical splash goggles ANSI Z87
  7. disease detectives
    writing implement, non-programmable non graphing calculator, one 8.5" by 11" notes
  8. dynamic planet
    one 8.5x11" sheet of notes, two non-graphing calculators
  9. ecology
    writing implement, non-p and non-g calculators, 8.5" by 11" notes
  10. experimental design
    ANSI Z87 indirect vent chemical splash goggles (4), writing instruments. timepiecem ruler, non-p cal
  11. fossils
    one magnifying glass, one published field guide (tabs), one 3-ring binder containing info in any form
  12. junkyard challenge
    eye portecction 2, junk box w/ l+w+h=less than 95 cm, up to 5 plastic golfballs, up to 8 golf balls, 10 tennis balls, at least one plastic of styrofoam cup and plate (bowls too), paper/soft plastic straws/stir sticks, popsicle sticks/toothpicks of wood, non-metallic tape, paper>8.5 by 11, non-metallic string or threadm rubber bands no larger than 64, plastic/freezer bags, writing implements, allowed tools
  13. meteorology
    1 non-p calculator and 8.5*11 sheet of notes
  14. microbe mission
    z87 chemical splash goggles, writing implements, non-p and non-g cal, 8.5*11 2-sided notes
  15. optics
    any type of cal, rulers+protractors, reference materials in three ring binder
  16. ornithology
    one field guide at states/regionals, 2 pg official national bird list, on 8.5*11 page of notes, nationals=two books
  17. road scholar
    protractor, ruler, USGS symbol sheet, cal, notes, reference materials, measuring devices
  18. shock value
    non-p cal, 8.5*11 notes
  19. solar systems
    8.5*11 notes, non-p cal
  20. storm the castle
    5 graphs and data calculation page, impound device and materials, eye protection 5 (ANSI Z87+)
  21. tower building
    eye protection 2 (ANSI Z87 w/ side shields), one tower
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