Almost Maine This Hurts Steve Pt 4

  1. WOMAN. NO!!
    MAN. Okay. You don't have to. Most people don't. Hit me. Most people just got away. You can go away, too, if you want to. That's what most people do when I tell them about myself. My brother Paul says I just shouldn't tell people about myself, because I scare them, so I've actually recently put "myself" on my list of things to be afraid of, but --
  2. WOMAN. Om, my gosh! I'm sorry!//
    MAN. You hit me! Most people go away, but you hit me!
  3. WOMAN. I had to see! But -- are you okay?
    MAN. Yeah, I don't feel // pain!
  4. WOMAN. ... Don't feel pain, right, of course you're okay! -- but -- are you sure?
    MAN. Well, is there any blood?
  5. WOMAN. No.
    MAN. Any discoloration?
  6. WOMAN. No.
    MAN. Then I'm okay.
  7. WOMAN. Well, buddy, you can be hurt and not even look like it.
    MAN. But --
  8. WOMAN. Trust me. There are things that hurt you that make you bruised and bloody and there are things that hurt you that don't make you bruised and bloody and ... they all hurt. I'm Marvalyn.
    MAN. I'm Steve. I live on the third floor. Room Eleven.
  9. MARVALYN. I live with my boyfriend, Eric. I love him very much.
    STEVE. Yeah. We saw you move in.
  10. MARVALYN. Yeah. Our roof collapsed from all the snow in December. We're just here until we can get our feet back on the ground.
    STEVE. Oh. Well, that's good, 'cause that's what Ma Dudley says her boarding house is. A place where people can live until they get their feet back on the ground. My brother Paul says we've been trying to get our feet back on the ground our whole lives.
  11. MARVALYN. Oh.
    STEVE. Yeah, it takes some people longer to do that than others.
  12. MARVALYN. Yeah.
    STEVE. You guys are loud.
  13. MARVALYN. Huh?
    STEVE. You and Eric. You yell and bang. We're right below you.
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Almost Maine This Hurts Steve Pt 4
Lines for Steve in the scene This Hurts from Almost, Maine.