Almost Maine This Hurts Steve Pt 3

  1. WOMAN. Well, if they're used the way you used it, yeah.
    MAN. Oh-oh-oh! So, they're kind of like the opposite of God!
  2. WOMAN. What?
    MAN. Well, ironing boards can hurt me, but I shouldn't be afraid of them, but God, my brother Paul says, God won't hurt me, but I should fear him.
  3. WOMAN. I guess.
    MAN. Boy, this is getting very complicated.
  4. WOMAN. What is?
    MAN. This business of learning what hurts, what doesn't hurt, what to be afraid of, what not to be afraid of.
  5. WOMAN. Are you sure you're okay?, //
    MAN. Oh, yeah, yeah, see, I have congenital analgesia, he thinks. Some // people --
  6. WOMAN. What?
    MAN. Congenital analgesia.
  7. WOMAN. Who thinks?
    MAN. My brother Paul. Some people call it heredeitary sensory neuropathy type four, but ... it just means I can't feel pain. You can hit me if you want to, to see!
  8. WOMAN. No.
    MAN. Go ahead. It won't hurt. See?
  9. WOMAN. OW!
    MAN. See?
  10. WOMAN. OW!
    MAN. See?
  11. WOMAN. OW!
    MAN. Go ahead.
  12. WOMAN. NO!
    MAN. Come on!
  13. WOMAN. No!!
    MAN. Come on!
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Almost Maine This Hurts Steve Pt 3
Lines for Steve in the scene This Hurts from Almost Maine. Part 3.