1. agitate
    v. stir up; disturb
  2. angular
    adj. sharp-cornered; stiff in manner
  3. archetype
    n. prototype; primitive pattern
  4. autocratic
    adj. having absolute, unchecked power; dictatorial
  5. bemoan
    v. lament; express disapproval of
  6. bristling
    adj. rising like bristles; showing irritation
  7. circlet
    n. small ring; band
  8. complaisant
    adj. trying to please; overly polite; obliging; 공손한
  9. cull
    v. pick out; reject; 추려내다
  10. deify
    v. turn into a god; idolize
  11. dialectical
    adj. relating to the art of debate; mutual or reciprocal
  12. entree
    n. entrance; a way in
  13. impetuous
    adj. violent; hasty; rash
  14. incur
    v. bring upon oneself
  15. insolvent
    adj. bankrupt; lacking money to pay
  16. jargon
    n. language used by a special group; technical terminology; gibberish
  17. leonine
    adj. like a lion
  18. magniloquent
    adj. boastful; pompous
  19. meretricious
    adj. flashy; tawdry; 저속한
  20. morbid
    adj. given to unwholesome thought; moody; characteristic of disease
  21. noncommittal
    adj. neutral; unpledged; undecided
  22. opalescent
    adj. iridescent; lustrous
  23. paradigm
    n. model; example; pattern
  24. presage
    v. foretell
  25. prune
    v. cut away; trim
  26. retroactive
    adj. taking effect before its enactment or imposition
  27. simian
    adj. monkeylike
  28. spurious
    adj. false; counterfeit; forged; illogical
  29. supercilious
    adj. arrogant; condescending; patronizing
  30. terminus
    n. last stop of railroad
  31. vernal
    adj. pertaining to spring
  32. offhand
    adj. casual; done without prior thought
  33. subversive
    adj. tending to overthrow; destructive; 전복시키는, 파괴적인
  34. innuendo
    n. hint; insinuation; 암시
  35. penitent
    adj. repentant
  36. nexus
    n. connection
  37. pine
    v. languish, decline; long for; yearn; 수척해지다, 갈망하다
  38. eddy
    n. swirling current of water, air etc.; 소용돌이
  39. enmity
    n. ill will; hatred
  40. deterrent
    n. something that discourages; hindrance; 방해하는
  41. exceptionable
    adj. objectionable
  42. attrition
    n. gradual decrease in numbers; reduction in the workforce without firing employees; 소모하다, 감축하다
  43. wangle
    v. wiggle out; fake
  44. affliction
    n. state of distress; cause of suffering
  45. aquiline
    adj. curved, hooked
  46. beguile
    v. mislead or delude; cheat
  47. brackish
    adj. somewhat saline; 소금기있는 맛없는
  48. defile
    v. pollute; profane; 더럽히다
  49. impetuous
    adj. violence; hasty; rash; 격렬한
  50. irreproachable
    adj. blameless; impeccable
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