Genesis (Events-Chapters)

  1. Creation of the World
    Chapter One
  2. -day of rest
    -events of creation
    Chapter 2
  3. First Sin and Consequences
    Chapter 3
  4. Cain Kills Abel
    Chapter 4
  5. Genealogy from Adam to Noah
    Chapter 5
  6. Noah obeys God while living in a land of evil
    Chapter 6
  7. Noah and his family in the arc during the flood
    Chapter 7
  8. -Waters recede
    -Noah returns to dry land
    Chapter 8
  9. -Meat given for food
    -Law of Capital Punishment
    -Covenant of the Rainbow
    -Curse on Canaan
    Chapter 9
  10. Genealogy of Noah's sons
    Chapter 10
  11. -Tower of Babel
    -Languages Divided
    Chapter 11
  12. Abram moves to Canaan and decieves Pharaoh on the way
    Chapter 12
  13. -Lot and Abram seperate
    -God blesses Abram
    Chapter 13
  14. Abram rescues Lot
    Chapter 14
  15. God blesses Abram
    Chapter 15
  16. Hagar and Ishmael
    Chapter 16
  17. Covenant of Circumcision
    Chapter 17
  18. -Abram visited by 3 angelic beings
    -Abram pleads with God for Sodom and Gommorah
    Chapter 18
  19. -Lot rescued from Sodom and Gommorah
    -Sodom and Gommorah destroyed
    -Lot's daughters
    Chapter 19
  20. Abram decieves Abimalech
    Chapter 20
  21. Birth of Isaac and Ishmael cast away
    Chapter 21
  22. -Abraham almost sacrifices Isaac
    -Genealogy to Rebekah
    Chapter 22
  23. -Death of Sarah
    -Abraham buys burial property from Edom
    Chapter 23
  24. -Abraham's servant led by God retrieves Rebekah to be Isaac's wife
    Chapter 24
  25. - Abraham's wife Keturah
    -Abraham's death-Ishmael's Children
    -Birth of Jacob and Esua
    -Esua sells his birthright to Jacob
    Chapter 25
  26. -God renews his covenant with Isaac
    -Isaac decieves Abimelech
    -Esua's wives
    Chapter 26
  27. Jacob recieves Isaac's blessing instead of Esua
    Chapter 27
  28. -Jacob flees to Laban
    -Esua marries Ismael's daughters
    -Jacob's Dream and Vow at Bethel
    Chapter 28
  29. -Jacob marries Leah, then Rachel
    -Leah's first set of children
    Chapter 29
  30. -More of Jacob's Children
    -Jacob's wages from Labann
    Chapter 30
  31. -Jacob flees Laban
    -The Stolen Idols
    -Jacob and Laban's Covenant
    Chapter 31
  32. -Jacob tries to appease Esua
    -Jacob Wrestles with God or an Angel (His name is changed to Israel)
    Chapter 32
  33. -Jacob reconciled with Esau
    -Jacob moves to Shechem
    Chapter 33
  34. -Shechem violates Dinah
    -Simeon and Levi's revenge
    Chapter 34
  35. -Jacob leaves for Bethel
    -God's Covenant renewed with Israel
    -Rachel dies at Benjamin's birth
    -Ruben's Sin
    -Jacob's Sons
    -Isaac's Death
    Chapter 35
  36. Generations of Esua
    Chapter 36
  37. -Joseph's Dream
    -Joseph sold into slavery
    Genesis 37
  38. Judah and Tamar
    Chapter 38
  39. -Joseph serves Potipahar
    -Joseph's Integrity
    -Joseph's Imprisonment
    Chapter 39
  40. Joseph interprets dreams while in prison
    Chapter 40
  41. Joseph interprets Pharoah's dream and is given authority
    Chapter 41
  42. -Jacob's Sons get grain and see Joseph (unknowingly)
    -He tells them to get Benjamin
    Chapter 42
  43. Jacob's sons return to Egypt with Benjamin and our brought into Joseph's room
    Chapter 43
  44. -The Silver Cup-Judah pleads for Benjamin
    Chapter 44
  45. -Joseph reveals his idenity
    -They are sent home to tell Jacob
    Chapter 45
  46. -Jacob comes to Egypt-Son's of Jacob's Sons
    -Jacob request the Land of Goshen
    Chapter 46
  47. -Pharoah allows Jacob's family to live in Goshen
    -Joseph sells grain to the people
    -Israel requests to be buried in the family burial site
    Chapter 47
  48. Jacob blesses Joseph's sons
    Chapter 48
  49. Jacob's last words to his family and final wish
    Chapter 49
  50. -Jacob buried
    -Jacob's sons beg Joseph's forgiveness
    -Joseph dies after long life in Egypt
    Chapter 50
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