Almost Maine This Hurts Steve Pt 1.txt

  1. WOMAN. Oh, no! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! oh ... I didn't see you, are you okay?!?
    MAN. Yeah
  2. WOMAN. No you're not!! I smashed you with the ironing board, I wasn't even looking! Are you hurt?
    MAN. No.
  3. WOMAN. Oh, you must be!! I just smashed you! Where did I get you?
    MAN. In the head.
  4. WOMAN. In the head!?! Oh, come here, are you okay?
    MAN. Is there any blood?
  5. WOMAN. No.
    MAN. Any discoloration?
  6. WOMAN. No.
    MAN. Then I'm okay.
  7. WOMAN. Well I'm gonna go get you some ice.
    MAN. No. I can't feel things like that.
  8. WOMAN. Like what?
    MAN. Like when I get smashed in the head with an ironing board. I don't get hurt.
  9. WOMAN. What?
    MAN. I can't feel pain.
  10. WOMAN. Oh, Jeezum Crow, what the hell have I done to you? >
    MAN. Nothin'--
  11. WOMAN. You're talkin' loopy, listen to you, goin' on about not being able to feel pain, that's delusional, I've knocked te sense right outta ya!
    MAN. No, I'm okay.
  12. WOMAN. Shh! Listen: I was gonna be a nurse, so I know: You're hurt. You just took a good shot right to the head, and that's serious.
    MAN. No, it's not serious. I don't think an ironing board could really hurt your head, 'cause, see, ironing boards aren't on my list of things that can hurt you, > WOMAN. What is--? < plus, there's no blood or discoloration from where I got hit, so ... > WOMAN. Well, you can be hurt and not be bleeding or bruised-- < And my list is pretty reliable, 'cause my brother Paul is helping me make it, and I can prove it to you: See, I bet if I took this ironing board, like this, and hit you with it, that it wouldn't hurt you, see?,// that didn't hurt.
  13. WOMAN. OW!!
    MAN. Oh!
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Almost Maine This Hurts Steve Pt 1.txt
Lines for Steve from the scene This Hurts from Almost, Maine. Part 1