Network Review

  1. The 4 major network protocols are:

    E) All of the above
  2. What Windows 98 utility do you use to find the MAC address for a system?

  3. A Hub sends data:

    C) To all systems connecting to the Hub
  4. A frame begins with the MAC address of the:

    D) Recieiving system
  5. The unique identifier on a NIC is known as a(n)

    D) Media Acccess Control Address (MAC)
  6. Which of the following is an example of a MAC address?

    A) 00-50-56-A3-04-0C
  7. Which of the following statements are true of all servers?

    • D) Servers make resources available for the client computer access
    • and
    • D) Servers have special server software installed
  8. Which of the following is not a resrouce that can be shared by a server?

    C) Mouse
  9. The goal of networking is

    C) To enable remote systems to share resources with accessing systems in such a way that the shared resources are comprehensible to the accessing system
  10. A NIC sends data in descrete chunks called:

    B) Frames
  11. Which of following OS1 layers converts the ones and zeros to electrical signals andplaces theses' on the cable?

    B. Physical layer
  12. Which layer of the OSI model makes sure the data is a readable format for the Application layer

    B. Presentation layer
  13. Which of the following standards defines token Ring Networks?

    A. IEEE 802.5
  14. Token ring Network use a _______ Physical topology and ______Logical topology

    A. Ring, star
  15. Of the topologies listed, which one is the most fault tolerant and has the mostredundancy?

    A. Mesh
  16. Which of the following is NOT a coaxial cable?

    • D. RJ-45
    • (RJ-11 is the phone cable)
  17. Which of the following topologies is the easies to configure?..

    A .Star

    B. Bus

    C. Ring

    D. Mesh
    A .Star
  18. What kind of topology does 10Base2 use?

    A. Bus
  19. The first 24 bits of a MAC address are called a (n):

    B. Device ID
  20. The Second 24 bits of a MAC address are called a (n):

    B. Device ID
  21. A NIC with both a RJ-45 and a BNC connector is probably a NrC.

    D. Ethernet
  22. You have a Floppy disk the came with your new NIC. The floppy probably containsall of the following except.

    A. Drives Update Utility
  23. You are designing a 10BaseT network. You must use ____ cabling and an _____ connectors.

    A. UTP, RJ-45
  24. Which of the following connector is not for Networking?

    A. Centronics

    B. RJ-45

    C. BNC

    D. DB-15
    A. Centronics
  25. The best type of cabling to use for interbuilding connections is:

    A. Fiber Optic
  26. Which of the following cables should never be used in a structured cablinginstallation?

    C. Coax
  27. What is a patch cable used for?

    • C. To connect the patch panel to the hub
    • and
    • D. To connect PCs to outlet boxes
  28. Which of the following are factors to consider when deciding on the location of yourequipment room?
    A. Distance
    B. Power
    C. Cool Temperature
    D. Comfort
    • A. Distance
    • B. Power
    • C. Cool Temperature
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