A Murder is Announced Edmund 1t3

  1. Craddock: I understand your problem.....So, if it's not asking too much I'd like you to push your shopping to the back of your mind for a while and answer a few questions.
    Edmund: I would have thought there were enough questions asked last night . . .
  2. Craddock: Ah, well--perhaps you don't think.....on the understanding that you'd co-operate fully this morning.
    Edmund: Well, it's perfectly clear what happened. This man--Scherz was his name, I believe—
  3. Craddock: Yes
    Edmund: --broke in here--intending to steal--from Miss Blacklock--or the rest of us--fired the shots to scare us--tripped in the dark--and killed himself, poor devil.
  4. Craddock: I understand you're a bit of a writer
    Edmund:Well, er--yes--I do write . . .
  5. Craddock:Thank you, Mrs Swettenham.
    Edmund:Just what are you insinuating?
  6. Craddock:The light fell on you next, didn't it?
    Edmund:Yes, it did!
  7. Craddock:Thank you very much.
    Edmund:Aren't you going to ask me any more questions?
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A Murder is Announced Edmund 1t3
A Murder is Announced: Edmund's Lines Act 1, Scene 3