Skeletal System

  1. Epiphysis
    the rounded end of a long bone(red marrow found in spongy + make red blood cell)
  2. Diaphysis
    the central part of the bone(yellow marrow found)
  3. Compact Bone
    found in the diaphysis, 100% bone, no cavities
  4. Spongy/Cancellous Bone Tissue
    in the epiphysis a dense bone, contains red marrow
  5. Periosteum
    provide nutrient blood for bone cells and source of osteoprogenitor cells; not cover articular cartilage
  6. Endosteum
    the thin layer of cells lining the medullary cavity of a bone
  7. Yellow marrow
    found in the hollow interior of the middle portion of long bones; blood loss body convert yellow marrow to red marrow increase blood cell production
  8. Red Marrow
    found mainly in the flat bones,hip bone, breast bone, skull, ribs, vertebrae and shoulder blades, and in the cancellous ("spongy") bone at the epiphysis ends of the long bones such as the femur and humerus
  9. Medullary Cavity
    cavity of diaphysis; contains marrow: red in the young turning yellow in maturity
  10. Long Bone
  11. Flat Bone
  12. Irregular Bone
  13. Condyle
  14. Fossa
  15. Tuberosity
  16. Axial Skeleton
  17. Scoliosis
  18. Kyphosis
  19. Lordosis
  20. Sutures
  21. Epicondyle
  22. Synarthrotic
  23. Ampiarthrotic
  24. Synovial Joint/diarthrosis
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Skeletal System
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