A Murder is Announced Edmund 2t1

  1. Miss Marple: We'd love to stay. Thank you.
    Edmund: Yes. Is that all right with you, Phillipa?
  2. Mrs Swettenham: I came in the back door.....We got all the way home before we noticed, didn't we, Edmund?
    Edmund: I'm sure we could have left it until some other time.
  3. Miss Blacklock: Actually we did need it. Mitzi always uses honey in her special cake.
    Mrs Swettenham: You see.
    Edmund: Well, Miss Marple, looks like this time you'll be in at the kill.
  4. Mrs Swettenham: Don't say things like that, Edmund. That's something we all want to forget.
    Edmund: How can we. It's by no means over.
  5. Miss Blacklock: You shouldn't have mentioned that, Patrick.
    Edmund: Good God. That puts all of us under suspicion.
  6. Mrs Swettenham: Surely there's not going to be any more . . . unpleasantness?
    Edmund: By that d'you mean any more murders, Mother.
  7. Miss Marple: I'm afraid it's only handkerchiefs.
    Bunny: Just what I wanted.
    Edmund: It's only apples from the garden . . .
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A Murder is Announced Edmund 2t1
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