A Murder is Announced Edmund 1t2.txt

  1. Mrs Swettenham: That's right--isn't it, Edmund?
    Edmund: Yes, Mother--that's right.
  2. Mrs Swettenham: We were in the car.....And Edumd said . . . What was it you said?
    Edmund: "What a good idea."
  3. Mrs Swettenham: Well, um--yes that will be fine, thank you.
    Patrick: Edmund?
    • Edmund: Thank you.
    • Well, Phillipa. You looked very busy this morning.
  4. Phillipa: There was nothing secret about it and we're not hatching anything.
    Edmund: No, no. By no means. You see, I had to call at Dayas Hall with some honey for Mrs. Lucas.
  5. (Blackout)
    Edmund: Come on--you've had your joke. Put them back on.
  6. Phillipa: I can't see--have you got those matches Edmund?
    Edmund: Blast! That was the last one.
  7. Patrick: They must be fused.
    Edmund: Where's the fuse-box?
  8. Miss Blacklock: There's no need . . .
    (Lights come on)
    Edmund: He's unconscious. Must have knocked himself out.
  9. Patrick: Who is it?
    Edmund: I've no idea. Better get his gun--before he comes round.
  10. Miss Blacklock: It's nothing--just my ear . . .
    Edmund: Why the handkerchief?
  11. Patrick: I don't suppose the police would be very happy if I got my fingerprints all over it.
    Mrs Swettenham: Police?
    Edmund: They'll have to be called in, mother.
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A Murder is Announced Edmund 1t2.txt
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