Snow Monsters

  1. Gawa 2:39
    [How was the INC prophesied]
    Predicted by the apostles of those who are "far off"
  2. Isa 59:19
    [through prophecy, where was the church suppose to end up?]
    To The West
  3. Roma 8:16-17
    If children are heirs
  4. Juan 1:19-23 MB
    [A messenger who was prophesied]
    John the baptist sent through prohpecy
  5. Luk 4:16-21 SNB
    [The greatest messenger was prophesied]
    The prohpecy of Christ
  6. Gawa 13:46-47
    Set thee a light of the Gentiles
  7. Isa 46:11-13
    Bring to justice so that people may be saved.
  8. Roma 1:16-17
    The Gospel is the power of God that will bring us to salvation
  9. Modern Times 346 / Reformation 366
    [the North and the South]
    Ang iglesia Katolika at ang protestantismo
  10. Jud 1:23
    Snatch from the fire
  11. Juan 6:44
    Brought to Christ to be raised on the last day, to be saved on the day of judgement
  12. Isa 41:9-10
    Strengthen, assist, and uphold his righteousness
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Snow Monsters
Snow Monsters