Fun Srv Mer 2

  1. Interior Casket
    • Components
    • Materials Used
    • Styles of Interior Materials
  2. Component parts
    • Cap Panel
    • Inner panels
  3. Cap panel
    focal part of interior which fills the insides of the crown sometimes it's boarder by the roll, sometimes refered to as a panel
  4. Full Couch
    one piece top, shoes deceased from head to toe
  5. Half Couch
    • two piece top, use to be reg. half couch
    • head panel and foot panel
  6. Inner panels
    funtional or ornamental covering usually covers military use these
  7. Parts of inner panels
    • roll
    • gimp (fold)
    • throw (overlay, overthrow)
    • Apron or skirt
    • Extnedover (valance)
    • Bed
    • mattress cover
    • body linning
    • hinge cover
    • pillow
    • blanket
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