PSAT High-Frequency Word List.txt

  1. ample
  2. aristocracy
    hereditary nobility; priveleged class
  3. circumspect
    prudent; cautious
  4. clich´┐Ż
    phrase dulled in meaning by repetition
  5. condone
    overlook voluntarily; forgive
  6. consolidation
    unification; process of becoming firmer or stronger
  7. convention
    social or moral custom; established practice
  8. curtail
    shorten; reduce
  9. cynical
    skeptical or distrustful of human motives
  10. dawdle
    loiter; waste time
  11. demean
    degrade; humiliate
  12. denounce
    condemn; criticize
  13. detached
    emotionally removed; calm and objective; indifferent
  14. didactic
    teaching; instructional
  15. discernible
    distinguishable; perceivable
  16. disinterested
  17. disparage
  18. disparate
    basically different; unrelated
  19. dispel
    scatter; cause to vanish
  20. divulge
  21. docile
    obedient; easily managed
  22. doctrine
    teachings, in general; particular principle (religious, legal, etc.) taught
  23. eclipse
    darken; extinguish; surpass
  24. enigma
    puzzle; mystery
  25. enumerate
    list; mention one by one
  26. erratic
    odd; unpredictable
  27. esoteric
    hard to understand; known only to the chosen few
  28. espouse
    adopt; support
  29. esteem
    respect; value
  30. expedite
  31. exploit
    deed or action, particularly a brave deed
  32. fallacious
    efalse; misleading
  33. farce
    broad comedy; mockery
  34. fastidious
    difficult to please; squeamish
  35. flippant
    lacking proper seriousness
  36. forthright
    outspoken; frank
  37. futile
    useless; hopeless; ineffectual
  38. garrulous
    loquacious; wordy; talkative
  39. gluttonous
    greedy for food
  40. gratify
  41. gregarious
  42. hamper
  43. heed
    pay attention to; consider
  44. iconoclastic
    attacking cherished traditions
  45. impede
    hinder; block; delay
  46. imperceptible
    unnoticeable; undetectable
  47. implacable
    incapable of being pacified
  48. inconsequential
    insignificant; unimportant
  49. indict
  50. industrious
    diligent; hard-working
  51. inept
    lacking skill; unsuited; incompetent
  52. ingenuous
    naive and trusting; young; unsophisticated
  53. ingrate
    ungrateful person
  54. inherent
    firmly established by nature or habit
  55. innate
  56. innocuous
  57. inscrutable
    impenetrable; not readily understood; mysterious
  58. intricacy
    complexity; knottiness
  59. larceny
  60. meek
    quiet and obedient; spiritless
  61. misrepresent
    give a false or incorrect impression, usually intentionally
  62. outmoded
    no longer stylish; old-fashioned
  63. pacifist
    one opposed to force; antimilitarist
  64. paradox
    something apparently contradictory in nature; statement that looks false but is actually correct
  65. patronize
    support; act superior toward; be a customer of
  66. pedantic
    showing off learning; bookish
  67. perjury
    false testimony while under oath
  68. perpetual
  69. pervasive
    pervading; spread throughout every part
  70. petulant
    touchy; peevish
  71. phenomena
    observable facts or events
  72. philanthropist
    lover of mankind; doer of good
  73. potency
    power; effectiveness; influence
  74. pragmatic
    practical (as opposed to idealistic); concerned with the practical worth or impact of something
  75. premise
    assumption; postulate
  76. prevail
    triumph; predominate; prove superior in strength, power, or influence; be current
  77. proliferation
    rapid growth; spread; multiplication
  78. prolific
    abundantly fruitful
  79. provocative
    arousing anger or interest; annoying
  80. prudent
    cautious; careful
  81. recluse
    hermit; loner
  82. relinquish
    give up something with reluctance; yield
  83. repudiate
    disown; disavow
  84. resolution
  85. reticent
    reserved; uncommunicative; inclined to be silent
  86. reverent
    respectful; worshipful
  87. strategem
    deceptive scheme
  88. subdued
    less intense; quieter
  89. subversive
    tending to overthrow or destroy
  90. superfluous
    excessive; unnecessary
  91. synthesis
    combining parts into a whole
  92. taciturn
    habitually silent; talking little
  93. temperament
    characteristic frame of mind; disposition; emotional excess
  94. thwart
    baffle; frustrate
  95. trepidation
    fear; nervous apprehension
  96. urbane
    suave; refined; elegant
  97. utopia
    ideal place, state, or society
  98. vacillate
    waver; fluctuate
  99. vigor
    active strength
  100. volatile
    changeable; explosive; evaporating rapidly
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