Botany questions

  1. The word "botany" means:

    C) the study of plants
  2. Assigning two names to identify something is called:

    A) binomial nomenclature

    • bi means two
    • nome means name
    • clature means to assign
  3. The task of identifying and organizing things is called:

    C) classification
  4. Taxonomy is:

    D) the job of dividing plants into groups and naming them
  5. A plant that has tubes running through its stem & leaves is:

    C) vascular

    just like the veins & arteries of our body make up the vascular system
  6. The phylum Anthophyta is characterized by:

    C) plants that produce flowers

    • antho means flower
    • phyta means plant
  7. Angiosperms is another name for plants that make flowers.
    What does Angiosperm mean?

    A) seed container

    • Angio means container
    • Sperm means seed
  8. Gymnosperm is another seed-making plant.
    Gymnosperm means:

    B) uncovered seed

    • Gynmo means uncoverd
    • sperm means seed
  9. Gymnosperms are seperated into four phyla.
    One of these phylum is:

    A) confierophyta

    Of the four Gymnosperm phyla, the phylum coniferophyta has the most plants.
  10. What does coniferophyta mean?

    D) conebearing-plant

    • conifer means cone bearer
    • phyta means plant
  11. All plants have seed.

    a) true
    b) false
    b) false

    some plants have spores and make sporangia (spore containers)
  12. Bryophyta is a phylum especially for:

    B) mosses

    • bryo is greek meaning moss
    • phyta means plant
  13. Lichen is a plant.

    a) true
    b) false
    b) false

    • lichen are a unique team of fungus + algae
    • the fungus absorbs water and chemicals and
    • the algae make food for them both.
  14. How do nonvascular plants distribute water without tubes to do the job?

    B) they absorb water similar to the way a paper towel does

    although moss needs alot of moisture it can be found surviving in deserts through long, dry spells
  15. When a plant is dormant (sleeping) inside a seed it needs three things to wake up.
    Which thing does the plant not need?

    B) soil
  16. The baby plant inside a seed is called:

    A) an embryo
  17. The testa is what part of a seed?

    A) its shell
  18. In a seed what is the purpose of the cotyledons?

    C) to provide food for the embryo once the seed opens and the embryo begins to grow.
  19. What part of a plant does the radicle become?

    B) the roots
  20. What part of a plant will the hypocotyl become?

    D) the stem
  21. What part of the plant will the epicotyl become?

    B) leaves
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