Socials 9

  1. 3 reasons why the Magna Carta was an important document.
    democracy, individual freedoms, rule lawfully
  2. 3 classes in England. Name them.
    Upper, Middle, Lower
  3. Working conditions for skilled workers better than those of agriculture workers?
    Earned reasonable, amount of money for better jobs
  4. What was the official Church of England after the Protestant reform?
    Anglican Church
  5. How did Puritans dress? What did they believe?
    Wore dark clothes, led sober lives. Disapproved of drinking, gambling, and theater. Life should be devoted to God.
  6. Divine Right of Kings.
    God-like powers. controls whether someone lived or died.
  7. Father and son who believe in DRK
    James and Charles the first
  8. List 4 ways Charles got money
    taxes, ship money, billet, tunnage and poundage
  9. Why did Puritans not like Archbishop Laud?
    He was violent
  10. When the Short and Long Parliaments met and opposed Charles, what did he do?
  11. When did Charles' wife, Henrietta Maria, do that enraged the people of England?
    She sold the Crown jewels.
  12. Civil War.
    A war between citizens of the same country.
  13. Oliver Cromwell
    Blue Laws
  14. NMA
    led by Cromwell
  15. What was Charles tried and executed for.
    Trying to overthrow himself
  16. Roundheads
    soldiers of NMA
  17. Which two groups formed the Rump Parliament. What did they disagree on?
    Presbyterians, Puritans. How the church should be. In sync or different
  18. What is republic
    A country without monarch
  19. What religious group did Cromwell want to force out of Ireland and England.
  20. What is predominant religion in Northern Island today?
    Catholic and Protestant
  21. What did Calvinists " Blue Laws" forbid?
    Christmas, dancing gambling, sports, theatre.
  22. Why did Cromwell believe he had failed England?
    He became a dictator.
  23. Why was most of England please when Charles II was invited to become King of England.
    he wasn't a military dictatorship.
  24. Tories
    royal supporters
  25. Whigs
    opponents of catholic monarchy
  26. What was the "Test Act"
    Forbidding anyone except members of the Church of England from holding political office or entering the professions.
  27. What were the "bloody Assizes"
    Conducted courts that ordered the execution
  28. What is important about Mary and Will accepting the bill of rights?
    It was made clear that parliament was the real government.
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