Dental Anatomy

  1. opening from the oral cavity proper into the pharynx or throat
  2. located between the anterior and posterior faucial pillars, created by underlying muscles
    palatine tonsils
  3. the firm anterior portion of the roof of the mouth
    hard palate
  4. a midline ridge of tissue on the hard palate
    median palate ruphae
  5. lingual to the maxillary anterior teeth
    incisive papilla
  6. firm irregular ridges of tissues radiating from the the papilla and raphae directly posterior to the incisive papilla
    palatine rugae
  7. looser portion of the palate
    soft palate
  8. extends from the junction of hard and soft palates down to the mandible, just behind the most distal mandibular tooth and stretches when the mouth is opened wider
    pterygomandibular fold
  9. a midline fold of tissue between the ventral surface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth
    lingual frenum
  10. a ridge of tissue on each side of the floor of the mouth, joins in a v-shaped configuration extending from the lingual frenum to the base of the tongue
    sublingual fold
  11. what duct does the wharton's duct associate with?
    submandibular duct
  12. what duct does bartholin's duct associate with?
    sublingual duct
  13. what structure contains openings of the sublingual duct from the sublingual salivary gland?
    sublingual fold
  14. what structure contains openings of the submandibular and sublingual ducts? from both the sublmandibular and salivary gland?
    sublingual caruncle
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