SS chap 3 sec 2

  1. _______ is the way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs.
  2. Cultures include three things:
    Language, religion, and small groups
  3. Name two things that geographers look at
    food and housing
  4. ________ analyze cultures.
  5. _____________ study pottery and tools to understand how people lived in the past.
  6. Most social groups have rules of ______ that group members learn.
  7. What is status?
    A person's rank in society.
  8. What is the most important group in all cultures?
  9. What is an ethnic group?
    People sharing language, history, religion, and some physical traits.
  10. Name one country that has many ethnic groups.
    United States
  11. What is ethnocentrism?
    The belief that one's culture is superior to another.
  12. A _______ is a local form of language. Give an example.
    dialect - southern accents :)
  13. More than ______ languages are spoken in the world today.
  14. Name the five major world religions
    Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judiaism
  15. What shapes how a culture views itself and the world.
  16. Name three basic human needs.
    Food, clothing, and shelter
  17. How do people express what they think is beautiful and meaningful?
    Through the arts.
  18. People need ___________ to live together without conflict?
    Rules - or impress your teacher by saying social contracts - ask mom for more clarification. :)
  19. Define a democracy.
    Power is held by the people.
  20. Governments can be ___________ or ___________.
    Limited or unlimited - tell what they mean.
  21. Define a dictatorship.
    The leader rules by force.
  22. Define monarchy
    A government ruled by a king or queen.
  23. Thousands of years ago ___________ and __________ lived and traveled in small groups.
    Hunters and gatherers.
  24. Economic success is defined by:
    the quality of life of the people.
  25. After ________ B.C. people learned to farm
    8000 B. C.
  26. Early civilizations developed in these four places:
    Iraq, Egypt, India, and China
  27. When did countries begin to industrialize?
    around 1700 A.D.
  28. What is cultural diffusion?
    The influence of other cultures through trade, migration, or conquest.
  29. The influence of other cultures through trade, migration, or conquest is known as _____________.
    cultural diffusion
  30. How was religion spread?
    Through trade routes
  31. Name three things that contribute to cultural diffusion today.
    Television, radio, and internet
  32. What is globalization?
    Development of a worldwide culture.
  33. True or false, with globalization, individual economies rely greatly upon one another for resources and markets.
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SS chap 3 sec 2
SS chap 3 sec 2