Word List 37

  1. precept
    a guide or rule for morals; maxim
  2. precipice
    cliff; situation of great peril
  3. precipitate
    to hasten; throw headlong or fling
  4. precipitous
    steep; overhasty or rash
  5. precis
  6. preclude
    to make impossible; eliminate
  7. precocious
    unusually advanced in development
  8. predilection
    partiality; preference
  9. predispose
    to give inclination toward beforehand; make susceptible
  10. preeminent
  11. preempt
    to forestall by acting first; head off
  12. preen
    to make oneself tidy in appearance; to congratulate oneself
  13. prefatory
  14. prehensile
    capable of grasping or holding
  15. prelate
    church dignitary or high ranking person
  16. prelude
  17. premise
    assumption; postulate
  18. preponderance
    superiority of power, quantity, etc
  19. prerogative
    privilege; right
  20. prescience
    the ability to foretell the future
  21. presentiment
  22. preternatural
    unnatural; extraordinary
  23. pretext
  24. prim
    formally precise or proper
  25. primogeniture
    seniority by birth
  26. primordial
    existing at the beginning; rudimentary
  27. primp
    to groom oneself with care
  28. privation
    hardship; deprivation
  29. privy
    secret; hidden
  30. proclivity
  31. prod
    to urge
  32. prodigious
    wonderful or marvelous; enormous
  33. prodigy
    highly gifted child; marvel
  34. profligate
    wasteful; immoral
  35. profusion
    overabundance; excess
  36. progenitor
  37. progeny
    children; offspring
  38. prognosis
    forecasted course of disease; prediction
  39. prognosticate
    to predict
  40. proletarian
    member of the working class; blue collar guy
  41. prolific
    abundantly fruitful
  42. prolixity
    verbosity; tedious wordiness
  43. prominent
    notable; conspicuous
  44. promontory
    a high point of land or rock projecting into the sea or other water beyond the line of coast; headland
  45. prompt
    to cause; to provide a cue for an actor
  46. promulgate
    to make known by open declaration; proclaim
  47. prone
    inclined to; prostrate
  48. prophylactic
    used to prevent disease
  49. propinquity
    proximity; kinship
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