vocabulary week 2

  1. Adroit
    Adj: skillful, expert in the use of hands or mind
  2. Averse
    Adj: having a deep-seated taste; opposed, unwilling
  3. Amicable
    Adj: peaceable, friendly
  4. Belligerent
    • Adj: given to fighting, warlike
    • N: one engaged in war
  5. Benevolent
    Adj: kind and charitable
  6. Cursory
    Adj: hasty, not thorough
  7. Duplicity
    N: treachery, deceitfulness (two-faced)
  8. Extol
    V: to praise highly
  9. Feasible
    Adj: possible, able to be done
  10. Grimace
    • N: a twisted facial expression
    • V: to make a twisted facial expression
  11. Holocaust
    N: a large scale destruction especially by fire; a vast slaughter
  12. Impervious
    Adj: not affected or hurt by
  13. Impetus
    N: a moving force, impulse or stimulus
  14. Jeopardy
    N: danger, at risk
  15. Meticulous
    Adj: extremely careful; particular about details
  16. Nostalgia
    N: a longing for something past
  17. Quintessence
    N: the purest essence or form of something; the most typical example
  18. Retrogress
    V: to move backwards
  19. Scrutinize
    V: examine closely
  20. Tepid
    Adj: lukewarm; unenthusiastic; absence of interest
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