SAT Volume #2

  1. amorous
    Feeling loving, especially in a sexual sense
  2. assail
    To attack with words or force
  3. benevolent
    Generous, kind
  4. corroborate
    To confirm; to back up with evidence
  5. decorous
    Proper; in good taste
  6. deride
    To ridicule
  7. didactic
    Intended to teach; morally instructive
  8. discordant
    Lacking harmony or agreement
  9. distend
    To swell; to extend
  10. exasperate
    To annoy throughly
  11. expedite
    To speed up the progress of
  12. fecund
    Fertile; productive
  13. histrionic
    Overly dramatic
  14. idyllic
    Naturally peaceful
  15. incandescent
    Brilliant; giving off heat or light
  16. juxtapose
    To place side by side
  17. sage
    A wise man; to be wise through experience and reflection
  18. scrutinize
    To examine very carefully
  19. vacuous
    Lacking ideas or intelligence
  20. volatile
    Highly unstable; explosive
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