RT test 5 cont.

  1. What is perfusion?
    • Blood flow to the tissues
    • (people with low blood flow, turn blue)
  2. Where is perfusion is the highest?
    At the base of the lungs
  3. Majority of O2 is carried by what?
  4. What are the three things that affet O2 affinity?
    • pH
    • Body Temperature
    • 2,3 DPG
  5. What is the normal difference between CAO2 and CVO2?
    5mL/dL <- O2 uptake
  6. What is hypoxia?
    inadequate O2 delivery to the tissues
  7. What is hypoxemia?
    Decreased O2 in the blood
  8. When tissues can't take up O2, it's called?
    Dyoxia, happens in cyanide poisoning
  9. What is the goal of acid-base chemistry?
    Homeostasis/ maintaining a normal pH
  10. What is the most common volatile acid in the body?
    Carbonic acid = H2CO3
  11. Other volatile acids, what other acids are there?
    Fixed acids: lactic acid, keto acid
  12. What is the primary buffer for fixed acids?
  13. What is a buffer?
    Any solution that resists changes in pH
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RT test 5 cont.
RT test 5 cont.