phrasal verbs-Go

  1. Go ahead
    He went ahead and found a path through the forest
    lead the way
  2. Go around
    Is there enough coffee to go around, or shall I make some more?
    be enough
  3. Go away
    Go away and leave me alone
  4. Go away
    Are you going away this year?
    take a vacation
  5. Go back
    Go back! It's dangerous to keep on. I'm never going back to that place again. It was awful.
    Return, retreat
  6. Go back on
    Don't trust him. He always goes back on his word.
    Fail to keep (a promise, your word)
  7. Go by
    Many years have gone by since I first saw the Statue of Liberty
  8. Go down
    The sea was so rough that the ship went down almost immediately
  9. Go down
    In the summer you can sometimes see the moon come up as the sun goes down

  10. Go down
    She was very ill and her weight went down dramatically
    Reduce, Lessen
  11. Go down with
    There was an epidemic of measles in the children's ward and most of them went down with it.
    Be ill
  12. Go in for
    He's very bright, and goes in for all the competitions
    enter for
  13. Go in for
    Mrs. Brown goes in for cooking special slimming food.
    be interested in
  14. Go into
    Somebody stole the money. If nobody owns up, the theft will have to be gone into.
  15. Go off
    The bomb went off in the nurses' home.
  16. Go off
    The party went off very well. Everyone enjoyed themselves.
    be a success
  17. Go off
    That meat smells terrible, it must have gone off
    become bad
  18. Go on
    I'll go on and see if I can get tickets for the concert.
    go ahead
  19. Go on
    He finished his speech and then went on to answer some questions.
  20. Go on
    What's going on here?
  21. Go on with
    You must go on with the sunray treatment; it's doing you good
  22. Go out
    What time are you going out tonight?
    leave the house
  23. Go out
    The tide goes out at ten o'clock today and won't come in again until four o'clock
    retreat, ebb
  24. Go out
    Nobody wears miniskirts now that they've gone out of fashion
    become old fashioned
  25. Go out
    The candle went out in the draft from the door.
    be extinguished
  26. Go over
    He went over the lesson again to make sure of his facts
    re-examine, repeat
  27. Go through
    You can't imagine what I had to go through when I had my second operation.
  28. Go through
    We'll go through the questions again and you can see where you went wrong.
  29. Go up
    Prices are going up rapidly this year
    rise, increase
  30. Go up
    The whole building went up in flames.
    explode, burst
  31. Go up
    There was a property boom and new buildings went up overnight.
    be built
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