Gem Stones

  1. Agate
    • Common Name: Agate
    • Appearance: Brown or gold, sometimes found banded, or in greens or blues
    • Element(s): Earth
    • Healing powers: Connected to brow chakra and matters of the mind; used in workings related to energy, depression, mental health
    • Magical uses: Brings about truth and new perspectives, memories and healing, overcoming loneliness or sadness
    • Other Info: Various forms include Moss Agate and Lace Agate
  2. Amber
    • Common Name: Amber
    • Appearance: Light yellow to orange, sometimes found in shades of green
    • Element(s): Fire Planetary connection: Sun Healing powers: Used to treat eyesight disorders, afflictions of the throat Magical uses: Provides clarity and confidence, strength and protection Other Info: Amber is not truly a stone, but a resin
  3. Amethyst
    • Common Name: Amethyst
    • Appearance: Purple/violet form of quartz crystal
    • Element(s): Water
    • Astrological connection: Aquarius, Pisces
    • Healing powers: Connected to the crown chakra, used in treatment of depression and anxiety, stress relief
    • Magical uses: Use in rituals for sharpening the mind and enhancing intuitive
    • powers; also can be an aid in cleansing and clearing sacred space
  4. Bloodstone
    • Common Name: Bloodstone
    • Also known as: Heliotrope
    • Appearance: Green, speckled with reds and golds
    • Element(s): Fire
    • Planetary connection: Mars
    • Healing powers: Connected to matters of the blood, such as hemorrhaging, menstrual cycles, circulatory system
    • Magical uses: General healing, but also used in workings related to money and abundance, fertility
  5. Carnelian
    • Common Name: Carnelian
    • Appearance: Red/orange to brown, often streaked with white
    • Element(s): Grounding
    • Healing powers: Associated with treatment of impotency and infertility, also believed to stop nose bleeding or hemorrhaging
    • Magical uses: Use in magical shielding, or as a talisman against psychic attack
  6. Diamond
    • Common Name: Diamond
    • Appearance: Colorless or white, sometimes streaked with yellows
    • Element(s): Air, Fire
    • Planetary connection: Sun
    • Healing powers: Can be used for fertility issues, reproductive health, sexual dysfunction
    • Magical uses: Use for rituals involving meditation and intuition, scrying, astral travel
  7. Garnet
    • Common Name: Garnet
    • Appearance: Deep red to purple
    • Element(s): Fire
    • Deity connection: Persephone
    • Healing powers: Connected to the root chakra, garnets can be used in healing of reproductive disorders and regulating the menstrual cycle
    • Magical uses: Strongly tied to women's bodies, the garnet is associated with moon magic; also used in rituals to balance the spiritual with the physical body Other info: In some traditions, a garnet obtained through deceit brings a curse upon the person who possesses it, until returned to the legal owner
  8. Hematite
    • Common Name: Hematite
    • Also known as: Paint ore, Iron rose
    • Appearance: Silvery-gray, shiny black to brown
    • Element(s): Fire
    • Planetary connection: Saturn
    • Healing powers: Connected to healing of inflammation and blood disorders, treatment of infection and fevers
    • Magical uses: Use for workings involving protection, particularly of home or property; also an excellent stone for willpower and confidence, problem solving, psychic awareness
  9. Jade
    • Common Name: Jade Also known as: Tremolite
    • Appearance: Pale green, sometimes white, pink or gray
    • Element(s): Earth
    • Healing powers: Connected to healing of the internal organs such as the kidneys or spleen; also used to balance the humors of the body and promote longevity Magical uses: Symbolic of pure love, serenity, innocence and truthfulness
  10. Jasper
    • Common Name: Jasper Also known as: Egyptian marble
    • Appearance: Usually a brownish-red color, often contains streaks of white
    • Element(s): Earth
    • Healing powers: Can be used in therapy for cancer and other debilitating diseases, blood disorders Magical uses: A great stone for grounding and centering after a ritual, also used to bring luck and good fortune
  11. Lapis Lazuli
    • Common Name: Lapis Lazuli
    • Also known as: Lazurite
    • Appearance: Shades of blue, from pale to deep; usually spotted or banded
    • Element(s): Water
    • Healing powers: Used to treat depression and lift the spirits, also connected to brow chakra and brain disorders
    • Magical uses: Workings involving altered consciousness, trance work, meditation, connection with the divine
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