MGMT 339 Ch. 4

  1. Define Value Analysis
    Examination of the function of parts and materials in an effort to reduce the cost and or improve product performance.

    i.e. - could a cheaper material be used, simplified, standardized be substituted, is the function necessary?

    pg. 138
  2. Define Design for Operations
    Taking into account the operational capabilities of the organization in designing goods and services

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  3. Failure to take Design for Operations into account can lead to what?
    • Reduce productivity
    • Reduce quality
    • Increase costs

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  4. Life Cycle of Products or Services
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    Slide 13 pg.143
  5. Define standardization and give an example of a product and service.
    Absence of variety in a product, service, or process.

    ex: they r made in large quantities of identical items. CALCULATORS, COMPUTERS, MILK, AUTO CAR WASH.

    slide 14 PG. 145
  6. Define Mass Customization
    Producing standardized goods with some degree of customization

    Slide 17 pg. 146
  7. Several tactics make mass customization possible, what are they?
    • Delayed Differentiation
    • Modular design

    Slide 17 pg. 146
  8. Define Modular Design
    Grouping of components.

    Ex: prefabricated motel rooms, computers with modular parts. easier to replace

    slide 17 pg. 146
  9. Define Delayed Differentiation
    postponement tactic. producing but not finishing until customer preference is known. Producing the base of product.

    Ex: printers, mens suits

    slide 17 pg. 146
  10. What are some advantages of modular design?
    • easier diagnosis and remedy of failures
    • easier repair and replacement
    • simplification of manufacturing and assembly

    slide 18
  11. Define reverse engineering
    Dismantling and inspecting a competitor's product to discover product improvements. Enables company to leapfrog competition.

    Slide 21 pg. 152
  12. Define Concurrent Engineering
    Bringing engineering design and manufacturing personnel together early in the design phase.

    slide 24 pg. 154
  13. Define Remanufacturing
    Refurbishing used products by replacing worn-out or defective components

    • Ex: Apps: automobiles, printers/copiers, cameras, PCs
    • Xerox, Kodak, and Caterpillar Inc. are the leaders

    Slide 27 pg. 138
  14. Define Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
    An approach that integrates the “voice of the customer” into the product and service development process.

    Slide 29 pg. 156
  15. What is the House of Quality??
    It shows how customers voices are incorporated into product or service

    • Shows Customers Requirements & Design Requirements = Relationship matrix
    • (translate to technical terms)

    Ex: of House of Quality on pg. 158
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