Enviromental Emergencies

  1. Hypothermia
    General cooling of the entire body.
  2. Hyperthermia
    Increase in body temeperature above normal.
  3. Heat Cramps
    Painful muscle cramps caused by an excessive salt and water loss through sweating.
  4. Heat Exhaustion
    Excessive fluid and salt loss brought on by exposure to excessive heat.
  5. Heat Stroke
    Life threatning condition caused by the failure of the body's temperature regulating mechanisms.
  6. Ion
    Any charged particle or group of particles.
  7. Electrolyte
    Any compound that seperates into ions and is able to conduct electricity when dissolved in water.
  8. Sodium
    An ion or electolyte used in the body to help regualte fluid blaance and maintain homeostasis.
  9. Frostbite
    Tissue injury resulting from direct contact with a cold object or exposure of a body part to cold air
  10. Near Drowning
    Survival from near suffication due to supervision.
  11. Drowning
    Death caused by changes in the lungs resulting from immersion in the water.
  12. Morbidity
    Secondary diseases or injuries resulting from a primary disease process.
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Enviromental Emergencies
Enviromental Emergencies