Micro Vocab Chap 6

  1. reducing media
    a culture medium containing ingredients that will remove dissolved oxygen from the medium to allow the growth of anaerobes
  2. selective media
    a culture medium designed to supress the growth of unwanted microorganisms and encourage the growth of desired ones
  3. differential media
    a solid culture medium that makes it easier to distinguish colonies of the desired organism
  4. enrichment culture
    a culture medium used for preliminary isolation that favors the growth of a particular microorgansim
  5. plate count
    a method for determining the number of bacteria in a samlke by counting the number of colony forming units on solid culture medium
  6. CFU (Colony Forming Units)
    visible bacteria colonies on a solid culture media
  7. direct microscopic count
    enumeration of cells by observation through a mcroscope
  8. turbidity
    the cloudiness of a suspension
  9. metabolic activity
    an indirect way to estimate bacterial numbers by measuring the amount of metabolic byproduct(s) produced
  10. mesophile
    an organism that grows between 10-50 degrees C; a moderate-temperature-loving microbe
  11. thermophile
    an organism whose optimum growth temperature is between 50-60 degrees C; a heat loving microbe
  12. psychrophile
    anorganism that grows best at 5 degress C and does not grow above 20 degrees C. A cold loving microbe
  13. minimum growth temperature
    the lowest temperature at which a species will grow
  14. optimum growth temperature
    the temperature at which a species grows best
  15. maximum growth temperature
    the highest temperature at which a species can grow
  16. acidophile
    a bacterium that grows below pH 4
  17. halophile
    an organism that requires a high salt concentration for growth
  18. obligate aerobe
    an organism that requires molecular oxygen to live
  19. facultative anaerobe
    an organism that can grow with or without molecular oxygen
  20. obligate anaerobe
    an organism that does not use molecular oxygen and is killed in the presence of moleuler oxygen
  21. microaerophile
    an organism that grows best in an environment with less molecular oxygen than is normally found in air
  22. biofilm
    a microbial community that usually forms as a slimy layer on a surface
  23. neutrophile
    a bacterium that grows at a pH of 7
  24. alkalophile
    a bacterium that grows at a pH of 9 or greater
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