Medical Vocab 5-10

  1. Somat(o) and Som(a)
  2. Epithelial Tissue
    Forms the covering of body surfaces, inside and on the surface of the body;

    Ex. outer layer of the skin

    Ex. Sheetlike arrangement
  3. Connective Tissue
    Supports and binds other body tissues and parts

    Ex. Bone and cartilage
  4. Nervous Tissue
    Coordinates and controls many body activities

    Ex. Brain, Spnail cord, Nerves
  5. Muscle Tissue
    Produces movement

    Ex. Skeletal muscle makes the bending of the arm possible
  6. Cardiovascular System
    Delivers oxygen, nutrients and vital substances t/o the body; transports cellular waste products to the lungs and kidneys for excretion
  7. Lymphatic System
    Helps maintain the internal fluid environment; produces some types of blood cells; regulates immunity
  8. Respiratory System
    Brings oxygen into the body and removes carbon dioxide and some water waste
  9. Digestive Sytems
    provides the body with water, nutrients, and minerals; removes solid wastes
  10. Urinary System
    Filters blood to remove wastes of cellular metabolism; maintains the electrolyte and fluid balance
  11. Reproductive Systems
    Produces offspring
  12. Muscular System
    Makes movement possible
  13. Skeletal System
    Provides prtection, form, and shape for the body; stores minerals and forms some blood cells
  14. Nervous system
    Coordinates the reception of stimuli; transmits messages to stimulate movement
  15. Integumentary system
    Provides external covering for protection; regulates the body temperature and water content
  16. Endocrine Systems
    Secretes hormones and helps regulate body activities
  17. Frontal Plane
    divides the body into front and back portions
  18. Transversal Plane
    Divdes the body into upper and lower portions
  19. Midsaggital Plane
    divides the body into equal right and left halves
  20. Anterior
  21. Posterior
  22. Lateral
  23. anter(o)

    term: anterior
    nearer to or toward the front
  24. poster(o)

    term: posterior
    nearer to or toward the back
  25. ventr(o)

    term: ventral
    belly side
  26. dors(o)

    term: dorsal
    directed toward or situated on the back side
  27. medi(o)

    term: medial, median
    middle or nearer the middle
  28. later(o)

    term: lateral
    farther from the midline of the body or from a structure
  29. super(o)

    term: superior
    uppermost or above
  30. infer(o)

    term: inferior
    lowermost or below
  31. proxim(o)

    term: proximal
    nearer the origin or point of attachment
  32. dist(o), tel(e)

    term: distal
    far or distant from the origin or point of attachment
  33. Caud(o)

    term: caudad or caudal
    in a inferior position
  34. cephal(o)

    term: cephalad
    toward the head
  35. abdomin(o)
  36. acr(o)
    extremities(arms and legs)
  37. axill(o)
  38. crani(o)
    cranium (skull)
  39. dactyl(o)
    finger or toe
  40. herni(o)
  41. encephal(o)
  42. omphal(o), umbilic(o)
    umbilicus (navel)
  43. pelvi(i)
  44. peritone(o)
  45. spin(o)
  46. viscer(o)
    viscera (large abdominal organs)
  47. RUQ
    Right upper quadrant

    Contails the right love of the liver, gallbladder, right kidney, parts of lrg and sm intestines
  48. LUQ
    Left upper quadrant

    contains the left lobe of the liver, stomach, pancreas, left kidney, spleen, parts of lrg and sm intestines
  49. RLQ
    Right lower quadrant

    right ureter, right ovary and uterine tube, appendix, and parts of sm and lrg intestines
  50. LLQ
    Left lower quandrant

    left ureter, left ovary, uterine tube and parts of sm and lrg intestines
  51. Image Upload 1
  52. Image Upload 2
  53. cranial cavity
    part of the dorsal cavity

    cranial cavity contains the brain
  54. spinal cavity
    part of the dorsal cavity

    contains the spinal cord and beginnings of the spinal nerves
  55. pelvic cavity
    in the ventral cavity

    pelvic cavity contains the urinary bladder, lower portion of the large intestine, rectum, and male and female reproductive organs.
  56. abdominal cavity
    part of the ventral cavity

    Abdominal cavity contians the stomach, spleen, and the liver
  57. pyrexia
  58. physi(o)
  59. AP
  60. DNA
    deoxyribonucleic acid
  61. EEG
  62. PA
  63. distension
    enlargement and strecthing
  64. aplasia
    organ or tissue does not develop
  65. hypoplasia
    underdevelopment of organ or tissue
  66. hyperplasia
    more tissue development; enlargement of organ
  67. dysplasia
    cellular deviation from the normal, which may progress to anaplasia
  68. anaplasia
    characteristic of malignancy
  69. febrile
  70. dehiscence
    splitting open or rupture of a wound after it has closed
  71. evisceration
    protrusion of internal organs through an open wound
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