GSLS Social Studies Chapter 3

  1. cataract
    a steep rapid in a river
  2. delta
    the flat, fan-shaped land made of silt deposited at the mouth of a river
  3. hieroglyphics
    the ancient Egyptian system of writing that used symbols to stand for objects, ideas, or sounds
  4. pharaoh
    the title used by the rulers of ancient Egypt
  5. unification
    the joining of separate parts, such as kingdoms, into one
  6. What happened every year to the Nile River?
    The Nile floods annually.
  7. What did the red and white crown worn by Pharaoh Menes symbolize?
    The double crown stood for the unification of Egypt.
  8. Why was the first pyramid built?
    The first pyramid was built for Pharaoh Zoser as a burial place.
  9. On what was ancient Egypt's economy based?
    based on a surplus of crops
  10. How did Egypt become an empire?
    conquered nearby lands
  11. Who was at the bottom of the social pyramid in ancient Kush?
    enslaved people
  12. Where was Kerma?
    Kerma was the capital city of Kush, it was in Upper Nubia along the Nile River
  13. What happened in Kerma?
    Kerma was an important trading city where goods from Egypt and from other African cultures were traded.
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