1. Isthmus
    A narrow strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land
  2. Sea
    A body of salt water that is smaller than an ocean
  3. Hill
    a raised area that is smaller than a mountain, it has sloping sides and a rounded top, a few 100ft
  4. Sound
    A long narrow body larger than a straight that connects two larger bodies of water or separate a main island from the island
  5. archipelago
    a group of islands
  6. delta
    soil deposited in the mouth of a river
  7. harbor
    a sheltered body of water where boats can anchor safely, boats dock and it is man made
  8. plains
    a broad flat stretch of land, it is flat and has no trees
  9. oasis
    a spot of fertile land in a desert fed by water from wells or underground springs
  10. canyon
    a narrow deep valley with steep sides
  11. swamp
    an area of land that is partially covered by water
  12. butte
    a raised flat area of land with steep cliffs, smaller than a mesa.
  13. plateau
    a broad flat area of land, higher than the surrounding land
  14. mesa
    a wide flat topped mountain with steep cliffs, larger than a butte
  15. peninsula
    a piece of land that is nearly surrounded by water
  16. source/headwater
    the place where a river begins, usually in headlands
  17. tributary
    a stream or small river that follows into a larger river
  18. island
    a body of land smaller than a continent, surrounded by water
  19. inlet
    a small narrow body of water that cuts into the land
  20. fjord
    water-filled canyons, a narrow arm of the sea bordered by steep hills
  21. cape
    a point of land that extends into a sea, ocean, or lake
  22. gulf
    part of a large body of water that extends into the land, usually larger than a bay
  23. mouth
    the part of a river where its waters empty into a body of water
  24. Prime Meridian
    0 degrees W and 0 degrees E, runs through Greenwich England, a line of longitude
  25. International Date line
    An opposite Prime Meridian, 180 degrees, man made
  26. Hemisphere
    • half a sphere, west hemisphere, north hemisphere, east hemisphere, south hemisphere
    • hemi means half
  27. U.S. Great Lakes
    • Lake Huron
    • Lake Ontario
    • Lake Michigan
    • Lake Erie
    • Lake Superior
  28. Equator
    0 degrees N and 0 degrees S
  29. Four Mountain ranges
    • Appalachian Mountains
    • Sierra Nevada
    • Cascade
    • Rocky Mountains
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