Vocab 1 - 30

  1. Cognate
    descended from the same origin, especially in words
  2. Derivative
    something resulting from an original substance
  3. Diminutive
    extremely small
  4. Inflection
    change in tone of voice
  5. Paradigm
    a set of patterns or forms which contain a particular element
  6. Orthography
    art of spelling correctly
  7. Philology
    the study of literature and linguistics
  8. Phonology
    the study of speech sounds
  9. Rhetoric
    the art of persuasion by means of manipulating language
  10. Syntax
    sentence structure
  11. Belie
    to be shown to have lied
  12. Clandestine
    secret or concealed, often illegally
  13. Collusion
    a secret agreement relating to illegal activity
  14. Dissemble
    to put on a misleading appearance
  15. Nefarious
    extremely wicked or evil
  16. Perfidious
    unfaithful, treacherous
  17. Probity
    honesty, integrity
  18. Scrupulous
    carefully considering what is right, principled
  19. Spurious
    inauthentic, false
  20. Stratagem
    plan or scheme to deceive an enemy
  21. Emanate
    to flow, emit
  22. Inhibit
    prevent development or progress
  23. Meander
    wander aimlessly
  24. Retrogress
    to move backward into a worse condition
  25. Serpentine
    snake-like, winding
  26. Supersede
    to replace something in power, setting aside the previous thing as useless
  27. Torpid
    sluggish, lethargic
  28. Transitory
    temporary, not lasting
  29. Undulate
    to move with a wave-like motion
  30. Unremitting
    never slackening, unceasing
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