Important People of Microbiology

  1. Robert Hooke
    • 1st to Report seeing Microorganisms
    • Published a book called Micrographia
    • Saw Plants and Fungi but Not Bacteria
  2. Anton van Leeuwenhoek
    • Considered 1st Microbiologest
    • Lens gribder
    • Able to see Larg Protoza and Bacteria Cells
    • Recorded Findings and sent to London
  3. Edward Jenner
    Made the 1st Scientific Small Pox Vaccination
  4. Ignaz Semmelweis
    • Pioneered the Aseptic Policy
    • Ordered doctors to wash hands with Chlorinated water
  5. Francesco Redi
    • 1st to Try to disprove Spontaneous Generation
    • He showed that no maggots appeared in meat when flies could not lay their eggs directly onto meat
  6. Louis Pasteur
    • Disprovd Spontaneous Generation by using his Swan Neck Flasks, which were Sterile
    • He proved Biogenesis (all living things come from pre-existing life)
  7. Robert Koch
    Proved that Microoragnisms Cause Disease called the Germ Theory of Disease
  8. Robert Koch Stipulated 4 Postulates
    • First Postulate, a Microbe has to be found in Every Case of the Disease
    • Second Postulate, the microbe must be Isolated and Grown in Pure Culture
    • Third Postulate, when the cultured microbe in Inoculated into another animal it must cause the same Disease
    • Fourth Postulate, the same Microorganism must be re-isolated from the inoculted animal
  9. John Snowbortory
    • Researched Cholera
    • Developed basic laboratory techniques, Petri plates, Solid medium to grow Microorganisms, the Gram Stain and other Staining procedures
  10. Paul Ehrlich
    • Developed a Cure for Syphilis
    • Developed selective Killing drugs
    • Considered the father of Chemotherapy
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