Unit 5 Pectoral

  1. Pectoral Region
    • -Regions of the body that is located external to the anterior thoracic wall and anchors the upper limb to the trunk
    • -Superficial compartment containing skin, superficial fascia, and the breasts
    • -Deep compartment containing the muscles and associated structures
  2. The sternum is made up of 3 parts:
    Manubrium, Body, Xiphoid process
  3. 2 facts about the Manubrium
    • -Upper margin of the manubrium is the jugular notch
    • -Junction of manubrium with body form palpable ridge called Sternal Angle
  4. Inferior, sword-shaped segement of Sternum
    Xiphoid process
  5. A deep sulcus between the greater and lesser tubercles
    Intertubercular groove
  6. 3 facts about mammary glands
    • -Modified sweat gland specialized for milk production
    • -In both female and males the gland lies in the superficial fascia
    • -Glandular and connective tissue is subject to hormonal regulation
  7. The _____ ______ projects from the upper later surface of the breast into the axilla
    axillary tail
  8. Inframammary fold
    Inferior portion of the breast that is demarcated rather sharply from the chest wall
  9. Order in which milkf travels from when it is produced to when it leaves the nipple
    Mammary lobule, mammary (terminal) ductile, lactiferous duct, lactiferous sinus
  10. Limiting membrane that sits posteriorly to the superficial fascia
    retromammary fascia
  11. Arterial supply to the breast
    • -Lateral mammary vessels
    • -Medial mammary vessels
    • -Possible derivation from the pectoral branch off the thoracoacromial trunk
  12. Venous drainage from breasts
    • -Typically drain along arterial paths
    • -Chief drainage is towards the axilla emptying into the axillary vein
  13. 75% of total drainage from the breast drains here:
    • lymph nodes of axilla
    • (addtional drainage into parasternal lymph nodes)
  14. Cancer is spread through the anastomoses of these lymphatics
    Subcutaneous lymphatics
  15. What is the order in which lymph drains through the nodes?
    Pectoral, Subscapular, Brachial, Central, Apical
  16. The pectoral girdle is made up of those muscles:
    Pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and the subclavius muscle
  17. This muscle attaches the humerus to the clavicle and axial skeleton
    Pectoralis Major
  18. The Pectoralis Major has these three anatomical heads
    • -Clavicular head
    • -Sternal head
    • -Costal head
  19. The portion of Pectoralis Major is active with horzontal adduction
    Sternal portion/head
  20. The clavicular portion of the Pectoralis Major is responsible for this action of the arm
    flexion, especially from an extended position
  21. The costal portion of the Pectoralis Major performs these actions
    • -Extension, especially from a flexed position
    • -Depresses the shoulder (scapula)
  22. Action of subclavius
    • -Depresses and protracts the clavicle
    • -Shunting the clavicle toward the manubrium in violent movements of upper extremity (throwing, punching)
  23. Fascia associated with the pectoralis minor and subclavius muscles
    Clavicopectoral fascia
  24. Cutaneous innervation of the pectoralis region
    • -Anteriorly by medial and lateral branches of the anterior cutaneous branch of the intercostal nerve
    • -Laterally by anterior branches of the lateral cutaneous branch of the itnercostal nerves
    • -Superiorly by the supraclavicular nerves (C3,4) given off of the cervical plexus
  25. What nerves provide motor innervation to the muscles of the pectoral region?
    Lateral and medial pectoral nerves and nerve to subclavius
  26. Two main branches from the axillary arter
    • -Thoracoacromial trunk
    • -Lateral thoracic artery
  27. Four branches off the thoracoacromial trunk
    • -Acromial branch
    • -Clavicular branch
    • -Deltoid branch
    • -Pectoral branch
  28. Deltopectoral triangle
    • -Bound superiorly by the deltiod, medially by the clavicle, and inferiorly by the pectoralis major
    • -Pierced by the cephalic vein from upper limb to axillary vein
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