Bio topic 1

  1. Science
    A systematic approach to acquiring knowledge through carefully documented investigation and experimentation
  2. Scientific Method
    Systematic approach used to answer questions
  3. Discovery Approach
    Specific observations lead to general conclusions. Uses inductive reasoning.
  4. Hypothesis-based approach
    General observation leads to specific conclusions. uses deductive reasoning
  5. Hypothesis
    A testable explanation for an observation
  6. Clinical Trials
    Experiments on humans to determine the effectiveness and safety of a new drug or treatment
  7. Epidemiology
    The study of the occurrence of infectious diseases, their origins, and their patterns of spreading through the population
  8. Critical Thinking
    The process in which one seeks to determine the validity of conclusions based on reasoning
  9. Inductive reasoning
    facts are accumulated through observation until a general statement can be made
  10. Deductive reasoning
    begins with a general statement that leads to one or more deductions. If...then
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