Word List 38

  1. propitious
    favorable; fortunate
  2. propound
    to put forth for consideration; propose
  3. prosaic
    dull; matter-of-fact or unimaginative
  4. proscenium
    part of stage in front of curtain
  5. proselytize
    to convert from one religious faith to another
  6. prosody
    the art of versification
  7. prostrate
    to lay flat on the ground
  8. protean
    versatile; able to take on many forms
  9. protege
    person receiving protection and support from a patron
  10. protract
    to prolong
  11. protuberance
    protusion; bulge
  12. provenance
    an origin or source of something
  13. provender
    dry food; fodder
  14. provident
    displaying foresight; thrifty; preparing for emergencies
  15. provincial
    limited in outlook; rustic or unsophisticated
  16. provisional
  17. proviso
    a condition or stipulation
  18. provocative
    arousing anger or interest; provoking
  19. prowess
    exceptional ability; military bravery
  20. proxy
    authorized agent
  21. prude
    excessively proper or modest person
  22. prune
    to cut away; trim
  23. prurient
    having or causing lustful thoughts and desires
  24. pseudonym
    a pen name
  25. psyche
    soul; mind
  26. psychosis
    mental disorder
  27. puerile
  28. pugilist
    a boxer
  29. puissant
    strong; powerful
  30. pulchritude
    beauty; comeliness
  31. nicety
    a delicate or fine point; punctilio
  32. punctilious
    attentive to detail
  33. pundit
  34. purchase
    a firm grasp or footing
  35. purgatory
    place of spiritual expiation
  36. purport
    meaning; purpose
  37. purported
    alleged; claimed
  38. purse
    to contract into wrinkles; pucker
  39. purveyor
    a person who provides; caterer
  40. pusillanimous
  41. putative
    supposed; reputed
  42. pylon
    marking post to guide aviators; towers supporting cables or telephone lines
  43. quack
    imposter; charlatan
  44. quadruped
    four-footed animal
  45. quaff
    to drink with relish
  46. quagmire
    a situation from which extrication is very difficult
  47. quail
    to cower
  48. quaint
    old-fashioned but attractive; picturesque
  49. qualm
    a feeling of apprehensive uneasiness; misgiving
  50. quandary
    a dilemma
  51. quarry
    object of a hunt
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