Description of events

  1. Anatomy
    this event encompasses the anatomy (structure and function) of the muscular and respiratory systems and the effects of aging and diseases on them.
  2. Awesome Aquifers
    students will construct an aquifer and answer questions about groundwater concepts
  3. battery buggy
    teams will construct a vehicle that uses electrical energy as its sole means of propulsion, quickly travels a specified distance, and stops as close as possible to the finish dot
  4. bottle rocket
    prior to the tournament, teams must construct up to two rockets designed to stay aloft the greatest amount of time
  5. cant judge a powder by its color
    students will test and characterize one single substance and then, based only on data they collect, answer a series of questions about that substance
  6. compute this
    this event integrates persronal computing (PC) technology, the internet, and quantitative data analysis. teams are presented with a problem that requires quantitative data capture from the public internet and the organization andn presentation of data in a graphical format. short answers related to the problem are also included.
  7. crime busters
    given a scenario, a collection of evidence, and possible suspects, students will perform a series of tests. the test results along with other evidence will be used to solve a crime
  8. disease detectives
    students will use their investigative skills in the scientific study of disease, injury, health, and disability in populations or groups of people with a focus on food borne illness
  9. dynamic planet:earth's fresh waters
    student will process skills to complete tasks realted to earth's fresh waters
  10. ecology
    students will answer questions involving content knowledge and process skills in the area of ecology and adaptations in featured north american biomes
  11. experimental design
    this event will determine a team's ability to design, conduct, and report the finding of an experiment actually conducted on site
  12. fossils
    teams will demonstrate their knowledge of ancient life by completing selected tasks at a series of stations. emphasis will be on fossil identification and ability to answer questions about classification, habitat, ecologic relationships, behaviors, adn the use nof fossils to date and correlate rock units
  13. junkyard challenge
    teams must construct a device on-site to solve an engineering challenge using only the allowed materials and tools in a "junk box" of specified dimensions
  14. meteorology: sever storms
    this event emphasizes the use of process skills within designated meteorologicalo topics. skills to be addressed and evaluated may include generating inferences, making predeictions, problem solving, observing, formulating and evaluating hypotheses, and analyzing and interpreting data
  15. microbe mission
    teams will answer questions, solve problems, and analyze data pertaining to various kinds of microbes
  16. out of sight - optics
    students compete in activites and written questions in the areas of geometric and physical optics
  17. ornithology
    this event will test knowledge of north american birds on the official list.
  18. road scholar
    participants will respond to questions that may use one or more state highway maps, USGS topographical maps, internet-generated maps, a road atlas, and satellite/aerial images
  19. shock value
    students will compete in activites involving basic understanding of electricity, magnetism, and simple electrical devices
  20. solar system
    this event will address the sun, planets, and their satellites, dwarf planets, comets, asteroids, the asteroid beltm meteoroids, oort cloud and kuiper belt
  21. strom the castle
    prior to the tournament, teams will desgin, construct, and calibrate a device that uses only the energy of a falling counterweight to launch a projectile as far and accurately as possible
  22. tower building
    the objective of this event is to design and build the most efficient tower meeting the requirements specified in these rules
  23. write it/do it
    this event will test a competitor's ability to effectively communicated with a colleague in writing by having his or her partner construct a device from this written description
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