CDC 3E051A Vol.2 Unit 4

  1. What voltage does a fire alarm system operate on, and what additional power source does the panel have?

    A) 24 VDC, battery backup.
  2. What is defined as a situation, environmental state, or equipment state of a fire alarm?

    D) Condition.
  3. What situation would cause the fire department dispatch center to receive a supervisory alarm?

    A) Someone disables the fire suppression system.
  4. Where in a facility will a pull station be located?

    C) Near exits and in exit stairwells.
  5. What type of automatic detector is susceptible to false alarms in  dusty environments?

    D) Photoelectric Smoke detector.
  6. What monitors the air in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for signs of fire?

    A) Duct detector.
  7. Where is the end of line resistor in a Class A circuit?

    D) In the panel.
  8. What is used in larger facilities to expand the notification appliance circuit (NAC)?

    D) Booster panel
  9. What is the polarity of a notification appliance circuit (NAC) that has been activated?

    D) Reverse.
  10. How is an addressable circuit supervised?

    B) The detectors "Talk" to the fire alarm control panel (FACP).
  11. How are addressable detectors and modules assigned an address?

    C) By turning two rotary switches on the device.
  12. What commercial code specifies or mandates maintenance requirements for fire protection system?

    C) National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72
  13. How often are devices normally calibrated?

    A) Every five years.
  14. Why do mass notification systems have priority over fire alarm systems?

    C) Perpetrators have been know to use the fire alarm system as a means of attack.
  15. What color is the globe of a mass notification system (MNS) strobe in an Air Force facility?

    C) Amber
  16. What wattage is the maximum size of speaker used by an in-building mass notification system (MNS) without approval by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)?

    D) 15 watts.
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