1. Qin
    • a
    • dynasty in China that stressed central authority. During this
    • dynasty, Legalism developed.
  2. Mean
    • people
    • who didn't have meaningful skills. They had more harsh punishments
    • for crime than groups of people. They were also required to wear
    • green scarves so they stood out in public, and people were able to
    • recognize them.
  3. Confucius
    • traveled
    • throughout China spreading his ideas and politics and the government.
    • He believed in divine right, and wasn't a religious leader.
  4. Daoism
    • traditional
    • Chinese beliefs and the harmony of nature were both incorporated in
    • Daosim. Lao-zi, the leader, said that there was a divine impulse in
    • nature, which controls all life.
  5. Silk
    • a
    • trade route between China and the Mediterranean Sea. It connected
    • China to the Roman Empire.
  6. Laozi
    • founder
    • of Daosim. He told people that life is directed by the divine impulse
    • in nature and to fully understand humans, you need to contemplate the
    • life force.
  7. Dynasty
    • a
    • family of kings.
  8. Zhou
    • didn't
    • have a strong government and constant invasions and political
    • problems led to its decline. During the dynasty, they tried to get
    • cultural unity.
  9. Analects
    • the
    • book the the Confucian doctrine was recorded in.
  10. Shi(h)
    • the
    • leader of the Qin Dynasty. He was brutal but effective. He had
    • bureaucracies the ruled large provinces.
  11. Five
    • contained
    • many different works. Some of those were speeches, historical
    • treaties, information about ceremonies and etiquette, and other
    • political pieces of work.
  12. Han
    • the
    • most famous ruler was Wu Ti. During the Han Dynasty, the
    • bureaucracies improved and the government was more focused on
    • Confucian teachings. The Dynasty declined because of invasions and a
    • weakening central government.
  13. Great
    • extends
    • over 3000 miles and was built by Shih Huangdi to guard the dynasty
    • against invasions by barbarians.
  14. Legalists
    • they
    • believed in ruling by force and hated Confucianism.
  15. Warring
    States Period
    • during
    • this time, rulers were starting to create their own armies. This
    • period is the time in the Zhou Dynasty when it was declining.
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