Ch. 9 IST472

  1. CoercivePower
    using punishment, threats
  2. deputy project managers
    people who fill in for project managers
  3. empathic listening
    listening with the intent to understand
  4. expert power
    personal knowledge and expertise
  5. extrinsic motivation
    do something for a reward or to avoid penalty
  6. hierarchy of needs
    a pyramid structure
  7. intrinsic motivation
    causes people to participate
  8. issue log
    a tool for managing
  9. legitimate power
    position of authority
  10. mirroring
  11. MBTI
    personality preferences
  12. OBS
    organizational chart
  13. overallocation
    work at a given time
  14. power
    the potential ability
  15. RACI charts
    R.A.C.I roles for project stakeholders
  16. Rapport
  17. referent power
  18. resource histogram
    column chart
  19. resource leveling
    a technique for resolving
  20. resource loading
    existing schedule requires
  21. RAM
    a matrix that maps
  22. reward power
    using incentives
  23. staffing management plan
    when and how people will be added
  24. subproject managers
    large project might be broken into
  25. synergy
    whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  26. team development
    enhance project performance
  27. Tuckman model
    describes five stages: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning
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Ch. 9 IST472
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