phrasal verbs-Give

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  1. Give away
    He didn't want his old text books, so he gave them away
  2. Give away
    He gave away the prizes at Graduation Day
  3. Give away
    She inadvertently gave away the secret
    disclose, reveal
  4. Give back
    I must give back the money I borrowed
    return(to owner)
  5. Give in
    Time's up. You must give in your examination papers now.
    hand in
  6. Give in
    He didn't want to go to the dance, but his girlfriend was so persuasive that he gave in
    surrender, yield
  7. Give out
    The UFO was giving out very strange signals.
    emit, send
  8. Give out
    The name of the winner of the medical research grant will be given out at 6 o'clock
  9. Give out
    The nurse gave out the pills to the patients
  10. Give up
    You must never give up. If you don't succeed at first, you must try again
    cease, stop trying
  11. Give up
    The escaped prisoner gave himself up to the police.
  12. Give up
    He gave up smoking on his doctor's advice
    abandon, stop
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