World Civ test 1

  1. BC
    • Before Christ
    • Anno Domini
    • Before Common Era
    • Common Era
    • Anno Hegirae- AD 622
  2. Earliest human like creature
    • Austalopithecine..
    • later...
    • Australopithecus
  3. First "Human"
    Homo Habilis
  4. Homo Habilis
    Handy Human
  5. Who migrated out of Africa?
    Homo Erectus (upright human)
  6. Wise Human?
    Neanderthal aka homo sapiens.
  7. in 10,000 BC , the only human left on earth was?
    • Homo Sapien Sapien AKA
    • "Cro magnon man"
  8. Early period in human history
    Stone Age
  9. 2 distinct parts of the Stone Age
    1 transitional period
    • Paleolithic(old stone age), Neolithic(new stone age)
    • Mesolithic(middle stone age)
  10. paleolithic
    Hunting and gathering. They migrated with the animals.
  11. During the paleolithic age what did migrating do?
    Kept the populations small
  12. Greatest accomplishments of the paleolithic people?
    • Thought
    • Language
  13. Clay statues of the paleolithic age
    Mother Goddesses
  14. Greatest achievement of the Neolithic age
    • Planting of crops
    • domestication of animals
  15. 3 types of tribal ties
    • Most basic: Extended Family
    • Clan: Group of extended families
    • Tribe: Group of Clans
  16. Irrigation was developed when
    Neolithic age
  17. In the Neolithic age what did the people develop since they had a more settled lifestyle?
    Specialties as well as new tools and techniques
  18. When was it used and where was the first evidence of metal working discovered
    4000 BC @Sihlk, N. Iran
  19. Early civilization emerged on the banks of?
    What were they called?
    • Rivers
    • Cradles of civilization
  20. Where are the cradles of civilization?
    • Valley of:
    • Tigres and Euphrates river
    • Nile river, Egypt
    • Indus river, India & Pakistan
    • Yellow river, China
  21. Mesopotamia
    Land between the rivers
  22. Who were the first to create city states?
    Sumerians (Sumer)
  23. Sumerians were no?
    Semetic- They came from the caspian sea region
  24. Sumerians were the first to develop
    Irrigation on a grand scale
  25. What and where did the sumerians grow?
    • Tigres and Euphates river(mostly Euphrates)
    • Barley, Wheat, Vegetables
  26. Some early inventions of Sumer
    • Astronomy
    • Mathematics
    • Ale
  27. What does writing come from and what is it called?
    • Pictograph- from 2000 signs or symbols
    • later
    • Cuneiform- latin for cuneus (wedge shaped)- 600 phoenetic sounds
  28. Temples called
  29. King or ruler of mesopotamia
  30. Sargon was_____not_____?
    He was the first to do what?
    • Semetic, not sumerian
    • unite into 1 nation
  31. Hammurabi
    • King of the Amorites
    • Capitol located at Babylon
    • Called 1st Babylonian pd.
  32. Hammurabi's code?
    • Law of the Claw
    • 300 codes written on a 7' diarite stone
  33. Who took over the Babylonian culture? How long did it take for Babylon to recover?
    • The Hittites (Indo-Europeans from Asia Minor)
    • 500 yrs
  34. Egypt was known as the?
    Gift of the Nile
  35. The Nile river flows from?
    Equitorial Africa in the south to the mediteranian sea.
  36. Where dos the Nile become the "Nile"
  37. Eoliths
    Early Stone tools
  38. Upper Egypt
    From the Delta to the First Cataract
  39. Humans moved into a food producing economy when?
    Neolithic age
  40. 3 kingdoms of Egypt
    • Archaic Age
    • Old Kingdom (Pyramid age)
    • New Kingdom
  41. 1 period of egypt
    Intermediate period
  42. Egypt's first king
    Menes or Narmer
  43. The God King of Egypt in the Old Kingdom?
    • Horus- the Falcon headed God.
    • Son of Osirus
    • All lands belong to him
  44. What is a pyramid
  45. Old Kingdom was also known as the?
    Pyramid age
  46. When does the king become Pharaoh?
    New Kingdon
  47. Greatest Warrior Pharaoh?
    Tutmose III
  48. Pharaoh mentioned in the Bible?
    Rameses II
  49. government of the old kingdom?
    Under king was
    • Theocracy
    • Priest
  50. The main God?
    • Amon
    • later
    • Amon- Ra
  51. All the Gods?
    Old Kingdom: Ptah of Memphis- one of the oldest recorded Gods

    Horus: Falcon Headed God

    Aton- Sun God- Amenhotep IV -->Akhenaton
  52. Who conquered egypt?
    • Black Kushites
    • Assyrians
    • Alexander the Great
  53. Wife of Amenhotep
  54. When were the temples of Karnak started?
    New Kingdom
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