phrasal verbs-Get

  1. Get about
    Although Mr. Brown's over eighty, he still manages to get about
    move around
  2. Get about
    Somehow the news got about that he was dying, but it's not true.
  3. Get ahead
    He's a very bright boy, so he's sure to get ahead in his job.
  4. Get around
    She generally gets around her husband when she wants a new dress.
  5. Get around
    We could get around the difficulty by inviting them all.
    avoid, evade, solve
  6. Get around to
    I'll get around to ironing after I've finished the washing.
    finally do
  7. Get away
    The prisoner got away from his guards
  8. Get away with
    That man's so plausible. He gets away with murder.
    escape punishment
  9. Get back
    The doctor had a lot of calls to make and didn't get back until late.
    return home
  10. Get back
    I finally got my text book back after two months.
    recover possession
  11. Get behind
    He was unable to finish his work on time and got behind
    not keep up with
  12. Get down
    These examinations are getting me down.
  13. Get in
    The train got in at ten o'clock
  14. Get off
    She got off the bus at the stop near the park.
  15. Get off
    The accused got off with a warning as it was his first offense.
    escape punishment
  16. Get off
    She got off from work early as she had a hospital appointment.
    be released(from work)
  17. Get on
    How is Mrs. Brown getting on? She was very sickk last week.
    make progress
  18. Get on
    We managed to get on the bus just as it was starting.
  19. Get on
    Mr. Smith is getting on. He must be at least fifty.
    Grow older
  20. Get on/along with
    That boy gets on well with all the other students.
    be friendly
  21. Get out
    I want to get out at the next stop.
    leave (vehicle)
  22. Get out
    I don't know how the news of Susan Green's engagement got out.
    become public
  23. Get out of
    I managed to get out of going to the theater this evening
    break or free from obligation
  24. Get over
    He got over a bad heart attack but still feels weak
  25. Get over
    I have to take some tests tomorrow; I shall be glad to get them over.
  26. Get through
    He had so much work that he thought he would never get through it.
  27. Get through
    He worked very hard and managed to get through the finals.
    pass (examination)
  28. Get through
    There was something wrong with the line and I couldn't get through.
    make contact (telephone)
  29. Get up
    Some of the nurses have to get up very early in the morning.
    rise, stand
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