Morning Reflexive Verbs

  1. s'arreter
    to stop (onesself)
  2. se brosser
    to brush
  3. se coucher
    to go to bed
  4. se couper
    to cut onesself
  5. se deshabiller
    to undress
  6. se depecher
    to hurry
  7. se detendre
    to relax
  8. se facher (contre)
    to be angry (with)
  9. s'habiller
    to get dressed
  10. s'habituer a
    to get used to
  11. s'inqiueter
    to worry
  12. s'interesser (a)
    to be interested (in)
  13. se laver
    to wash onesself
  14. se lever
    to get up
  15. se maquiller
    to put on makeup
  16. se peigner
    to comb
  17. se raser
    to shave
  18. se rendre compte de
    to realize
  19. se reposer
    to rest
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