Unlimited Data

  1. If a customer has unlimited messaging on their account (Nation or Family Plan); how much is the Data Plan and how much data is included?
    $10 / Month and Unlimited Data
  2. If a prospect wants unlimited Text and Data on a single Quick Messaging Device what rate plan would you offer?
    $30 Unlimited Data and Messaging Unlimited
  3. Cellular Video is not included with Unlimited Data for basic or QMD handsets. True or False
  4. Which DATA positioning statements are more effective for engaging a prospect about a data plan (choose 2 responses)?
    A. Would you like data to your new handset?
    B. Do you get more voice mails or emails?
    C. What types of web sites do you frequently visit?
    D. AT&T offers unlimited data plan for only $10 / month are you interested?
    B & C
  5. How many benefits can you list for having unlimited data on a basic or QMD handset?
    Answers might include, but not limited to: Mobile Email, weather, sports, news, facebook, Google, mobile banking, YouTube, Cellular Video, Music Video, downloading games and applications, Movie and entertainment news, etc.
  6. What is the average daily cost of Unlimited Data $10?
    33¢ / Day ($10 / 30 days = 33¢ / day)
  7. You can't access Facebook or YouTube witha a basic or quick messaging device, you need a smart phone. (True or False)
  8. In order to use Mobile TV, you do not need unlimited data? True or False
  9. What advantages does a smart phone e-mail have over mobile email available on a QMD or basic handset?
    Mobile e-mail only supports national email providers. With a smartphone you can view and edit attachments, and pictures. Smartphones offer advanced input technology like spell check, auto text, and voice input.
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Unlimited Data
This quiz measures knowledge about Basic and Quick Messaging handsets unlimited data plans.