Phylum Protozoa

  1. What is the closet organism to the origin of life?
    The closet organism to the origin of life is the protozoa and these are the first animals hence "proto-zoan".
  2. All protozoans have cellular structures which are eukaryotic and my serve as prokaryotic decendents.
  3. What is the level of organization for protozoans?
    • 1. Protozoans are unicellular organisms, each cell having the components of cytoplasm, nucleoplasm and protoplasm.
    • 2. Protozoans are not considered cellular organisms based on the concept of METAZOANS because each organism is only a single cell. This is why protozoans are described as non-cellular or A-cellular.
    • 3. Their level of organization is protoplasmic as compared with cellular because they are uni-cellular.
  4. What is the biological contribution of the Protozoa?
    • 1. A sexual reproduction.
    • 2. The origin of taxes and reflexes.
    • 3. Posession of specific organelles.
    • 4. An exo-skeleton amond the most primitive of protozoans.
    • 5. The beginning of differentiation of sex among living organisms.
  5. How is the protozoa related to man?
    Many protozoans are free living organisms, but many more pursue parasitic modes of existance which are extremely harmful to man.
  6. What is the system of classification of protozoans based upon?
    It is based upon the pressence or abscence of locomotary structures. It is not written in stones so therefore the systems of classification may differ to the interest of taxonomists.
  7. Protozoa is divided into two sub-phylums:
    • Plasmodroma and
    • Cilophora
  8. Plasmodroma are divided into three classes:
    Name their locomotary structures.
    • Sarcodina/Rhizopoda/Pseudopodia-locomotary structures called pseudopodia(false feet)
    • Mastigophora/Flagelleata-locomotary structures called flagella
    • Sporozoa-no locomotary structures.
  9. Cilophora are divided into two classes:
    Name their locomotory strucutres.
    Ciliata and Soctoria- they both have locomotary structures called cillia.
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