DH theory

  1. true or false. Tuberculosis is an AIDS defining illness?
  2. what is the name of the infectious agent in tb?
    mycobacterium tuberculosis
  3. how is tb commonly transmitted?
    • inhalation
    • aerosols
    • standard precautions are not sufficient...gets through mask
    • droplet nuclei
    • ingestion
    • direct inoculation
  4. name 4 factors that affect transmission of tb.
    • degree that infected person produces infected droplets
    • amount and duration of exposure
    • susceptibility of recipient
    • when it is diagnosed- its maximum communicability is just before it is diagnosed
  5. name 6 systematic conditions that may be related to lowered resistance to tb.
    • diabetes
    • congenitial heart disease
    • chronic lung disease
    • alcoholism
    • substance abuse
    • specialized perscriptions
    • rheumatoid arthritis
    • crohns disease
    • AIDS
  6. what is the incubation period for tb?
    as long as 10 weeks after exposure
  7. describe the early symptoms of tb
    • low-grade fever
    • loss of appetite
    • weight loss
    • fatigue
  8. what are later symptoms of tb?
    • slight cough and eventual sputum
    • higher temperature
    • along with other syptoms
  9. name 6 things that may cause/be the reason to reactivation of tb.
    • the disease remains latent, and later recurs
    • incomplete treatment of primary infection
    • immunosupression
    • may come back after many years
    • if asymptomatic, disease will not spread
    • anti tb drugs can elliminate it
  10. How is tb treated?
    • multi-resistant tb
    • taken daily, several times a week, for atleast 6 months
    • extensively drug resistand (XDR) TB
    • used if the other won't work because the body has built a resistance to that drug
  11. How does the CDC recommend that we treat tb pts?
    • do a periodic risk assesment
    • check medical history
    • refer them to a physician if we think they have tb
    • send them to a hospital if they need immediate dental care
    • have a separate reception area for them
  12. what are some signs of tb seen from intra and extra oral exams?
    • lympadenopathy- inflammed and enlarged lymph nodes
    • oral lesions- ulcers on harda or soft palate, or tongue
  13. what does chemotherapy do for a person with tb?
    it can control the pts contagious condition, the bacili in the sputum, and cough are decreased
  14. what are some of the chemicals used in chemotherapy for tb?
    • isonaizid
    • rifampin
    • pyrazinamide
    • ethambutol
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