1. cation
    an ion with a positive charge
  2. Anion
    an ion carrying one or more negative charges therefore attracted to a positive pole
  3. polar molecules
    nonsymmetrical molecules that contain electrically unbalanced atoms
  4. non polar molecules
    electrically balanced molecules
  5. anabloic
    synthesis reaction that join small molecules called amino acids into large protein molecules
  6. catabolic
    decomposition reaction that occur in body cells
  7. exergonic
    chemical reaction that releases energy
  8. endergonic
    chemical reaction that absorbs energy
  9. hydrolysis
    process in which water is used to split a substance into smaller particles
  10. dehydration synthesis
    process by which a large molecule is synthesized by removing water and covalently boding smaller molecules together
  11. buffer
    chemical substance or system that minimizes changes in ph by releasing or binding ions
  12. monosaccharide
    one large sugar; building block of carbohydrates
  13. polysaccharide
    many sugars, a polymer of linked monosacharides
  14. disaccharide
    double sugar, sucrose
  15. denatured
    to treat by chemical or physical means so as to alter its original state
  16. macromolecule
    large, complex molecules containing from 100 to 10,000 amino acids
  17. steroids
    group of chemical substance including certain hormones and cholesterol; they are fat soluble and contain little oxygen
  18. amino acids
    organic compound containing nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen ; building block of protein
  19. phospoholipids
    modified lipid, contains phosphorous
  20. electrolytes
    chemical substances , such as salts , acids, and bases , that ionize and dissociate in water and are capable of conducting an electrical current
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